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    About Run 3D

    Play Run 3D online, join an adventure with running, jump, and land on a the wall. Cross all challenged areas floating while avoiding fall into space.

    Be careful because Run 3 is hugely addictive. Play as a small gray alien has an adventure in a space that is architecturally challenged.

    However, in an alien universe, where the laws of physics do not always apply, you run and work your way through crazy obstacles, the only sweat you see is from your side. Why go in circles when you can slowly follow a course that puts even more deadly holes? Moreover, this game is set in a much better room than the park or gym.

    There are several different modes of play when playing Run 3, including mode and endless mode exploration. Discover mode allows you to advance through stages, while infinite mode allows the arrow keys to test your skills in an endless version. Run 3 is one of the best flash games we have seen and a good title for running and jumping.

    Several game modes are available in Run 3, including scanning and infinite mode. Infinite mode allows you to try your skills in an infinite version with the arrow keys while exploring mode allows you to go through the levels. This is without any doubt one of the best flash games, as well as a great run and hops game ever played.


    • There are no limits on how far you can climb over obstacles or sprint along walls to adjust gravity and aid your gameplay.
    • Discover new alien characters with enhanced powers to aid you in your survival.
    • 3D gaming combined with a cartoon theme creates exclusive visuals.
    • The game has basic controls that make it easy to pick up and enjoy.
    This game is using html5, so you do not download or installing any things to play this game.


    The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:
    • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
    • A or LEFT Arrow = Left
    • D or RIGHT Arrow = Right