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About Run 3

Join Run 3 to have new adventures by running, jump, fly through space. Try to pass all challenged areas floating in space, do not fall into one of the holes.

Be careful because Run 3 is incredibly addicting. Play as a little grey alien have an adventure in an architecturally challenged area that is floating in space. 

You flee after trespassing in the forbidden zone, filled with a growing number of unsafe holes. If you fall through one of the holes, you will become lost in space, so keep your eyes peeled!

When you sprint and job your way through insane challenges in an exotic world where the rules of physics do not always adhere, the only sweat you'll see will be from your hands! Why run in circles when you can run along a track that progressively puts more and more deadly holes in your path? Plus, this game is set in space, much superior to the park or the gym.

When playing Run 3, there are several different game modes, including exploring mode and infinite mode. Explore mode lets you progress through the levels, while infinite mode lets you test your skill with the arrow keys in an endless version. Run 3 is certainly one of the best flash games we have seen and a great run and jump title.

There are several game modes available in Run 3, including exploration mode and endless mode. Infinite mode allows you to test your abilities with the arrow keys in an endless version, while explore mode allows you to advance through the stages. This is undoubtedly one of the best flash games we've ever played, as well as a fantastic run and hops game.


  • There are no limits on how far you can climb over obstacles or sprint along walls to adjust gravity and aid your gameplay.
  • Discover new alien characters with enhanced powers to aid you in your survival.
  • 3D gaming combined with a cartoon theme creates exclusive visuals.
  • The game has basic controls that make it easy to pick up and enjoy.
  • This Run 3 is using html5, so you do not download or installing any things to play.

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How to play Run 3


  • The controls for this game are WASD or arrow keys:
  • SPACE or UP Arrow = Jump
  • A or LEFT Arrow = Left
  • D or RIGHT Arrow = Right